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  1. Abhijit Nadgouda @ iface » Blog Archive » My First Ever Post On Someone Else’s Blog said:

    […] One more thing I want from this exercise is more feedback from the readers about my blogs. That is the only way I can improve myself. So, feel free to opine/comment/analyze/suggest/recommend (or any form of expression), I’ll be looking forward. […]

  2. I Support No-WWW on iface thoughts said:

    […] Contact […]

  3. K-IntheHouse said:

    Hi.. I read your blog in my feed reader daily! I am one of the 231 readers you have. You might have seen the feed link train game. I have added you in the list as one of my 3 additions. If you would like to participate, you can check out the details in my blog.

    Keep up the good work.

    ps: Your comment form seems to be broken in Firefox and IE. The last required box does not have a label.

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  5. rakesh said:

    Have been referred to you by Sakshi,I am working with channel [v] and we have a blogsite, myindiareport.in. currently the site is on a backend designed by a tech team, am wondering if we could migrate the same to wordpress. If yes, how much time and money would it take to do the same. Can you let me know. Also can you do the same for us?

  6. Frank Bagnato said:

    Dear Blogger:

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    Thank you, and we look forward to potentially working together in the future.


  7. Larenda said:

    where can I get help about my computer.

  8. James said:


    I was wondering if you accept guest post for your blog. If you do, I would like to submit a few. You can see a sample of my work at LaptopComputers.org under the author James Mowery. I’ve also written for several high-profile blogs like Mashable, Perfromancing, and CMSWire. Thank you for your time.

    – James

  9. Tatiana said:

    I write again to inquire about the possibility of a partnership in a sponsored post. I´m wait your response

  10. Amandeep Singh said:


    We’re interested in advertising on your blog / website. Let me know if you’re interested in discussing further about it.


    Amandeep singh

  11. Akhilesh said:

    In Node.js there is a strict requirement that any request calculates for at most say, 5ms before returning to the event loop. If you break the 5ms limit, then your request handler is never run again (request handlers will be tied to a certain path/method, I think). If your uploaded server-side JavaScript is stupid and is blocking then it will be killed before completion.

    Web developers need this sort of environment where it is not pos-
    sible for them to do stupid things. Ruby, Python, C++, [and] PHP
    are all terrible languages for web development because they allow
    too much freedom.

  12. just said:

    I qu?te like reading t?rough ? post th?t will m?ke men and women think.
    A?so, thanks fo? ?llowing me t? comment!

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