This website is in the format of a weblog or blog in short. There are many definitions for blog, but for the purpose of this website it is a chronological collection of my thoughts. This blog is implemented using the excellent blogging tool WordPress and every thought is, what we call, a post in the blogging world. You are invited to comment on any of the posts and engage in the discussions. I yearn for good discussions and debates, they usually end up providing value to everyone involved.


The homepage of this blog will display the most recent thought in full and follow it with other recent thoughts with short introductions. You can click on any of the titles and you will be taken to the page of that particular thought. There you will also find comments by other readers, other sites that link to it and a place at the end to put down your own comment.

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Having said that I would recommend visiting this blog for reading. You will always enjoy the live orchestra more than listening it on a radio.


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  1. Abhijit Nadgouda @ iface » Make It More Usable - Help said:

    […] I got feedback from some readers who asked questions which I had thought were already answered. Most common was reading posts only of their interest. Some of them were new to a blog, so they were not aware of RSS feeds or categories of posts. This is when I realised that I should provide provide this information explicitly on the blog itself. I have done this earlier for other projects, why not for this? And so came up the Help & Sitemap page. It is not very exhaustive, but its a start. […]

  2. Strings Or Numbers? on iface thoughts said:

    […] Help Skip to main content additional navigation […]

  3. Jeremy said:

    How do you install the random quote widget on a mac?
    thanks much!

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