Chrome-only Flash For Linux

Adobe seems to be really keen to get rid of Flash, at least on Linux. After 11.2, flash will be supported only through Google’s Pepper Plugin API, which is currently implemented only by Chrome/Chromium. Flash will be supported as an independent piece of software on other platforms. [Continue]

Adobe Unflexes

Looks like Adobe is all set to become a HTML5 company. Following their decision to stop development on mobile flash, Adobe has decided to donate Flex SDK to the Apache Software Foundation. And it is not only Flex, Adobe seems to be lightening up of a lot of technologies. [Continue]

I Hope Lightspark Shines

Lightspark is the alternative Flash Player for Linux. This will do two good things – a possibility that Flash as a content medium will be free of vendor lock-in, and Linux will not be treated as an orphan in the Flash world any more. Part of the credit goes to Adobe for publishing an open specification for SWF, on which Lightspark is based. [Continue]

Adobe Opening PDF To ISO

Scoble broke the news that Adobe is opening up the specification of PDF. PDF is one of the early document types that worked across various platforms. Although it is commendable, I do not think it will cause new developments, tools like OpenOffice have supported PDF conversion for quite some time. [Continue]

Non-Beta Flash Player 9 For Linux

The non-beta Flash Player 9 version is now available for download. The press release says that Novell and Red Hat will package this version with the distributions. However, it is still not feature complete (via Ryan Stewart) and seems to be released because of demand for a non-beta version. [Continue]



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