Arch Linux Is 10 Years Old

Arch Linux recently celebrated its 10th birthday. Unlike most modern tools, it offers simplicity through transparency. You can see this concept trickling down in its applications like netcfg, pacman, makepkg or the Arch Linux Installation Framework. [Continue]

On 64 Bit Arch Now

I recently upgraded from 32 bit to 64 bit Arch Linux as I want to get into some 64 bit nitty-gritties. And I did it within a running system, that is, without re-installing the OS. While it sounds adventurous, Arch Linux’s migration guide made it without any surprises. [Continue]

A Xubuntu User Again

Till now I was a loyal Arch Linux user. And before that I was an avid Kubuntu, another one from Ubuntu family, user. It might seem as if I am back to square one, but in fact I have learned a lot about the organization of a Linux distribution, and interaction between various components. [Continue]

Moving to Arch Linux

I have moved my development environment from Kubuntu to Arch Linux. I used Kubuntu for 2-3 years, and have tried Fedora and OpenSuse before that. However, at this point of time, as I have learned more, the Arch Way seems to be more in line with what I need. [Continue]



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