Shunya is a Slashdot for India. I think it definitely makes sense because discussions on Indian topics with the Indian demographics and cultural variety in the background deserves a dedicated place. Nothing against Slashdot itself, just that specificity to a country adds a different flavor to the discussions.

Fonts On Linux

Avi Alkalay, Donovan Rebbechi and Hal Burgiss have written a detailed paper on fonts on Linux (via All about Linux). The paper explains the trouble with fonts on Linux and advises using Tahoma and Verdana for desktops.


Ross Rader puts it neatly about understanding what your customers are buying from you. And the treasure lies in drilling down the preliminary answers by asking more questions. I think the question Why unearths the undug gems which can be more valuable than any other feedback.

Mullet Style

This blog now has mullet style design for the homepage. Well, not exactly, but bigger excerpt (instead of entire content) is displayed for two most recent posts and rest have a shorter excerpt. This is true only for the homepage, not for other archives. [Continue]



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