Using The export Shell Command

One of the most commonly used but not well understood by everyone is the export shell command. The way most of the users know about it is through installation instructions of many softwares which require environment variables to be set. The command export TERM=xterm means that the environment variable TERM is available to any other program, or more suitably, any process that is started from that shell after the variable is set. [Continue]

Extending Bash Auto-Completion

One of the ways of making command line more usable is by providing auto-completion. It is a non-intrusive way of freeing the user from the burden of remembering options. Bash provides something called programmable completion which can be extended for your own applications. [Continue]

Bash Editing In vi Mode

I was discussing about how some applications have adopted some of the vi key bindings. Like Google Reader, some tiling window managers like xmonad, and even bash has excellent support for editing in vi mode. Surprisingly not many know about this. [Continue]



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