I Would Not Have Been Able To Say This

Johan Huizinga is quoted (from Gonzo Marketing) The reader of these pages should not look for detailed documentation of every word. In treating of the general problems of culture one is constantly obliged to undertake predatory incursions into provinces not sufficently explored by the raider himself. To fill in all the gaps in my knowledge beforehand was out of the question for me. [Continue]

From Fear To Satisfaction

My blogging activity has been completely ruled by emotions, at least till now. As unusual as it is, I was introduced to the world of blogging through WordPress. It was chosen to implement an article management system because of its simplicity and multitude of available features. [Continue]

Around The Blogosphere

I have not been reading too much into the blogosphere lately, I had been focusing more on the technical stuff than the blogging itself. I kept postponing it because of the standard excuse (uh, no time, in case you were not aware of standardised excuses). Anyway I came around doing it with my contribution to Lorelle’s blogging challenge. [Continue]

The Best Format For Blogging

Robert Scoble justifies why podcasting is sometimes better than plain blogging. Only recently technology developments have provided multiple formats for blogging – text, audio (podcasts, mp3, …) and visuals (photos, video, …). I don’t agree with Scoble when he tries to promote podcasts by saying that they can be heard when driving or exercising. [Continue]

I Am Now A SOB!

Don’t frown, it is not the offensive abbreviation, it means Successful and Outstanding Blogs. Thanks Liz, for adding my blog to the SOB list and from now on I will be displaying the SOB badge on this blog. So let me elaborate a bit on what is a SOB. [Continue]

From Paper To Web

Munir Umrani has been pointing to a lot of stuff about cross-cutting, cross-purposes, collaboration and competition between newspapers and blogs, journalists and bloggers and about journalists-turned-bloggers. No wonder he aptly calls himself The Blogging Journalist. I don’t want to elaborate on the debates or dos and don’ts, but the technical aspects of a newspaper journalist moving to online publishing interests me as a software professional. [Continue]

My Take On Blogging v/s Traditional Media

Reading Mark Cuban’s Blogging vs Traditional Media – This time its personal (via Scripting News) made me think about the comparison from a different – the reader’s perspective. Mark says: Bloggers drive blogs, share price drives traditional media. Blogging is personal, traditional media is corporate. [Continue]



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