uzbl – The Stripped Down Browser

I am trying out the uzbl browser for last couple of days. It follows the unix philosophy to strip down a browser of everything else other than visiting the web sites. Everything else, even the management of cookies, bookmarks, history and downloads is outsourced to external scripts. [Continue]

IE8 Is Here

Microsoft IE8 is finally here, popular opinion is that it will find its users only amongst the existing IE users. IE8 is not trying to appeal to users of its competitors. However, I sincerely hope that it at least appeals to IE6 users enough to make it extinct soon. [Continue]

Future Of Microsoft’s Browser

Microsoft’s browser seems to be scheduled for heavy changes. Not only does Windows 7 allow the user to switch off IE8, there are rumours that IE8 might be the end of Trident – rendering engine. While Microsoft has fought to ensure that IE8 is more compatible with its past mistakes than with standards, a news that future versions of IE might move to a different rendering engine is conflicting. [Continue]



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