What Is Good Code?

Reginald Braithwaite is in search of what really matters in good code. I am sure many programmers are in the pursuit, so take time to read the entire piece. Another view, the one I am promoting here, is that it isn’t about removing symbols, it’s about communicating something about the underlying relationships. [Continue]

Why Giving Away Your Code Is Not Dangerous

One of the things that the beginners learn is that coding is important, and that code is an important artifact. Which makes it difficult to convince them why giving away code is not dangerous. The philosophy of open source is usually met with raised eyebrows and skepticism in classrooms, especially if they have come to read how Bill Gates and Steve Jobs built companies and made money. [Continue]

The Best Code

Jeff Atwood triggers another thought process about what is the best code. Usually these things are not discussed explicitly, you will always find them embedded in a developer’s preferences, programming style or philosophy. Whenever they are discussed, it is more in relative terms, never absolutely. [Continue]



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