Various Forms Of Comments

In other words, comments on articles or posts are not the only way of commenting. Think of the different ways in which a reader can express his/her thoughts on the article or blog post he/she is reading. If I am a reader, I can bookmark the link using one of the social bookmarking tools and write a note as my comment share the link on messaging services like twitter, Jaiku or Pownce with a comment discuss on one of the meme sites like Reddit, Digg, Slashdot or DZone share the link via social networking sites like Facebook or Orkut, either as message on a wall or in a group discuss the topic in a forum dedicated to the topic write on my blog or my tumblelog, which should send the appropriate trackbacks directly comment on the article/post I am reading. [Continue]

On Comments

Mike Gunderloy and Jeff Langr present their take on commenting in the code. I have seen extremes where some comment every single line of code and others who believe that writing any non-code is a waste of time and effort. Mike has categorized comments that can help you to decide whether you need to comment or not. [Continue]



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