Intel Highlighting Need To Upgrade Programming

Intel is pushing for upgrading programming to leverage the multicore processors. “The software has to also start following Moore’s law,” Intel fellow Shekhar Borkar said, referring to the notion that chips offer roughly double the performance every 18 months to two years. “Software has to double the amount of parallelism that it can support every two years.” I do not think software can really follow Moore’s Law, but we have to cope up with the new advancements. [Continue]

The Future Is In Concurrency

I have said this earlier, with the hardware guys pumping out multi-core processors, software developers will have to cope with them. Also the fact that number of cores in a multi-core processor are increasing at a fast rate, using them for increase in scalability is going to be one of the core skills of software development. In fact, increasingly, business models require scalability as a core feature of an application. [Continue]



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