Blogging, For Students

Matt Jadud has written a guide for students on blogging. It is a must read for any student who is looking at doing more with his/her academic work. Blogging is one of the best ways for students to communicate with rest of the world, including the industry. [Continue]

Collaboration Platform For Teaching Open Source

Chris Tyler has setup Teaching Open Source, with an aim to establish a collaboration point between various efforts around open source education. Why do we need another open source advocacy site? Like David Humphrey says, If you’ve spent any amount of time working in open source and education you’ll know what I mean when I say that there is currently too much duplication of effort: everyone has their own mailing list, wiki, planet, etc (I’m registered on about a dozen). [Continue]

Entrepreneurship In Schools

Sramana Mitra, as part of her series of entrepreneurship in India, asks if entrepreneurship should be taught to students. I firmly believe that school is the right place to inject the entrepreneurship bug. However, I believe it does not fit in the current marks-oriented curriculum in Indian schools. [Continue]

Personalization And Education

As I am reading more and more about Vendor Relationship Management, I am convinced that our future is going to go in the direction of more control and personalization for you and me, the user. But this also means that we will have to learn more, to be able to really convert the control and personalization into higher productivity. Simplicity is dependent on our perception, which is a function of our knowledge, experience and skills. [Continue]

Difference Between Knowing Programming and Knowing Syntax

I keep advocating that one must understand the programming concepts while learning a programming language, and not just be keen about the syntax. And it is not very convincing, especially because there are not visible benefits. Most of the times only the short term benefits are visible, the long term ones are either too far away or we do not have the vision at all. [Continue]

The Case For Open Source

Jay Pfaffman puts forward the case for open source – Part 1 and Part 2 (via E@zyVG). There have many such articles that pitch for open source, but this stands out because unlike many others, Pfaffman focuses on the free as in speech aspect. Many of us assume that open source is free as in beer, however, its core principle of free as in speech is what provides most value. [Continue]

Open Source In Education

The Online Education Database has an article celebrating the influence of open source on education (via E@zyVG). I think it is a very important perspective and will be critical in the future. In my opinion, educational institutions should adopt open source not only for students but even for their own administration purpose. [Continue]



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