Facebook Will Accept OpenID

OpenID just got one of its biggest promoters – Facebook. Facebook had joined the OpenID Foundation Board a while back. But unlike other OpenID supporters, Facebook accepts an OpenID to let its member use the site, by becoming a OpenID relying party. [Continue]

Facebook Opens Up, Joins OpenID

Looks like Facebook is pulling the walls down. Not only does it allow us to access our status, links and notes through its API, but it has joined the OpenID Foundation board. Although it is an encouraging news, contradicting actions by Facebook have helped only create confusion about its intentions. [Continue]

Facebook And Google Finally Share Something

Social networks think that the members’ data is what differentiates them from other social networks. The data using which they draw social graphs or find contexts for advertising is gold and there is no way that can be shared. While there was a small project called DataPortability.org aimed at making data portable and networks interoperable, social network members used unusual ways of extracting their own data. [Continue]

Closed Creates Hype

Jason Kottke notes that Facebook is AOL 2.0. Valleywag notes that both are closed. Scott Heiferman’s quote is gold While at Sony in 1994, I was sent to Virginia to learn how to build a Sony “app” on AOL (the #3 online service, behind Compuserve & Prodigy at the time) using AOL’s proprietary “rainman” platform. [Continue]

Facebook To Turn Its Face The Other Way

Vauhini Vara at WSJ reports Facebook is planning to provide service pages for integrating with other services. Before you think that this is the same Web 2.0 trend about opening up APIs, look for the phrase “within its popular website”. On Thursday, the Palo Alto, Calif., company will announce a new strategy to let other companies provide their services on special pages within its popular Web site. [Continue]



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