Upgrade FeedSmith

Amit Agarwal informs us that FeedBurner has upgraded the FeedSmith plugin for WordPress to plug a potential security vulenrability, which means that it is an required update. The upgrade is really simple. Even if you are using the older version, just disable it, delete the older file, upload the new one, enable it and you are good to go. [Continue]

The Feed Will Now Burn At Google

So the rumours were true and many feeds, like this blog’s will now be burnt at Google. FeedBurner is an excellent service, does most of the feed negotiations for you, gives good statistcs and takes load of your server for serving feeds. However, a warning keeps popping up to wonder whether this will end up in unwanted advertising in the feeds. [Continue]

Redirecting To Feedburner

I have started using Steve Smith’s Feedburner Plugin to ensure that all subscribers get the same experience. It redirects the WordPress feed subscriber for posts and comments of this blog to the Feedburner feed for posts and comments both. It will also help me implement at least one of the suggestions for reducing the bandwidth usage. [Continue]



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