Using Google Font API

I feel that using open source fonts in the Web design provides a consistent experience as they are always available for download on all platforms. Now, courtesy @font-face we can deliver the same consistent experience though online fonts. With the release of Google Font API this can be implemented with just an additional line of code. [Continue]

Aerial, Tymes, Veranda

No, there are no spelling mistakes. Aerial, Tymes and Veranda are true type fonts by Gavin Graham, they just sound similar to the Microsoft’s first set of Web core fonts, which is now discontinued. This font pack is designed for screen and print and as a “drop-in” replacement for Arial and Time New Roman. [Continue]

Open Source Fonts

The core challenge of web design is the variety of environments that the users can have. The combination of browser and the operating system, plugins, resolution – they all make it impossible to design for a single base. The design has to be more inclusive than exclusive. [Continue]

Volatile Changes Here

Some of you who visit the web site might have seen some design changes, a lot of which have been rolled back. I am still continuing the experimentation. I had unset fonts in my stylesheet, however I have realized that it might not work. [Continue]

Fonts On Linux

Avi Alkalay, Donovan Rebbechi and Hal Burgiss have written a detailed paper on fonts on Linux (via All about Linux). The paper explains the trouble with fonts on Linux and advises using Tahoma and Verdana for desktops.

Better Typography

Mark Boulton sets five simple steps for better typography. It is a good guide for selection of fonts. I wonder if we will ever have run time fonts for Web, i.e., constructing custom fonts dynamically while delivering on the web.



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