OSDL And FSG Converge On Linux

The Open Source Development Labs (OSDL) and Free Standards Group (FSG) have joined hands to promote Linux. I’m pleased to share some news that I expect you’ll be reading about in lots of other places today: Open Source Development Labs (OSDL) and the Free Standards Group (FSG) signed an agreement yesterday providing for the two groups to combine forces to form a new organization – The Linux Foundation. The result of this consolidation will be to dedicate the resources of the combined membership to “accelerate the growth of Linux by providing a comprehensive set of services to compete effectively with closed platforms.” Mission of the new organization – The Linux Foundation, with more than 70 members – is to help Linux to compete more effectively against Microsoft. [Continue]

Open Source Imitating Microsoft

One of the rare instances, but for good (via Download Squad). The Free Standards Group (FSG) has created LSB Developer Network (LDN), a MSDN like resource for LSB Developers. Linux Standards Base (LSB) is an Application Binary Interface (ABI) to promote compatibility between various Linux distributions and allow portability among them. [Continue]



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