Chrome-only Flash For Linux

Adobe seems to be really keen to get rid of Flash, at least on Linux. After 11.2, flash will be supported only through Google’s Pepper Plugin API, which is currently implemented only by Chrome/Chromium. Flash will be supported as an independent piece of software on other platforms. [Continue]

Using Google Font API

I feel that using open source fonts in the Web design provides a consistent experience as they are always available for download on all platforms. Now, courtesy @font-face we can deliver the same consistent experience though online fonts. With the release of Google Font API this can be implemented with just an additional line of code. [Continue]

Web Site Speed Will Be More Important Now

Now your web site’s speed will weigh in on its Google ranking. It will be interesting to see how Google uses this to favour faster sites without affecting the relevance. Nevertheless, as a developer, this gives me a good way to convince the site owners to pay attention to the web site speed, and not just the bling during user experience design.

Google Updates, To Support Microformats

Google has announced a few updates to its search engine during its Searchology event. Google will now support microformats and RDFa to show rich snippets from a web page. Considering that these technologies were developed to extract structured data from web pages, search engines should have adopted them long back, and in fact helped them grow. [Continue]

Unladen Swallow – A Faster Python

Google wants a faster Python. Unladen Swallow is one of the recent projects out of Google, which aims to produce a Python version at least 5x faster than CPython, the current implementation of Python. Note that Python has already seen multiple implementations, but this seems to be the first one wanting to make Python fast enough to replace C, atleast in some projects. [Continue]



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