WHATWG has a great comic timing. While W3C is bolder with 5, WHATWG is throwing it out (courtesy Waqas). While there are all kinds of accusations flying around, I think WHATWG is doing what is right for developing the specification and W3C is doing what is what is right for publishing the standard. [Continue]

Wearing HTML 5 Now

This blog is now using the HTML 5 elements to markup the contents. I had this HTML 5 equivalent theme half-ready for a long time, but it was just sitting in my version control as I could put time into finishing it. I decided to activate it today so that it can help me understand more about the new HTML. [Continue]

Turbulence In The Web Standards Community

There is some turbulence in the web standards group, and a lot of designers and developers I respect and admire are part of it. Molly Holzschlag’s call to fix problems with the future of markup and Javascript got a lot of the community members together. She has also followed up it with the explicit issues, addressing the working group. [Continue]

HTML 5 Elements Explained

Elliotte Rusty Harold has explained and illustrated the new elements in (X)HTML 5, which might the future of current (X)HTML versions. These elements impart semantic meaning by explicitly acknowledging existence of a certain structure and elements. Which probably makes (X)HTML 5 more semantic as compared to XHTML 2. [Continue]

HTML 5, Runtimes And Vendors

Roger Johansson notes that HTML 5 compliant browsers will treat all content served as text/html with the HTML 5 specification. And this means that all of today’s HTML and most of XHTML will be HTML 5. Of course, this is what W3C wants. [Continue]



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