The Only Way To Not Copy Windows Is Educate

Bob Sutor, VP of open source and standards at IBM, has advice for Linux developers – do not copy Windows. True, I fully agree with him, Linux can be better than Windows only by being different. However, it is a tricky situation for people who want to lead people to migrate to Linux. [Continue]

Open XML v/s ODF Or Microsoft v/s IBM

Apparently Microsoft has issued an open letter which blames IBM for opposing Open XML as a standard. For the uninitiated, OpenDocument Format (ODF) was led by the OpenOffice project which has considerable contributions from IBM and Open XML comes out of Office 2007 by Microsoft. I am learning lessons about how easily can we lose focus and corrupt discussions. [Continue]

IBM Jazzing Development Tools

IBM is working towards building programming tools for geographically distributed teams through an open source project called Jazz. I wonder if this is a part of the Collaborative Development Environment work that IBM is doing. Distributed teams have increased, not only because of outsourcing, but because Internet has made it possible to stay coordinated. [Continue]



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