OpenMoko – The iPhone Antidote

Well, antidote is a strong word, but OpenMoko powered phone really beats the closed iPhone and can become a strong competitor in future. OpenMoko is an open source mobile communications platform that takes the mobile domain where others have not ventured yet – standardization and openness. I have long wondered, why in spite of so many advancements, I do not like to use the mobile as my laptop. [Continue]

Closed Creates Hype

Jason Kottke notes that Facebook is AOL 2.0. Valleywag notes that both are closed. Scott Heiferman’s quote is gold While at Sony in 1994, I was sent to Virginia to learn how to build a Sony “app” on AOL (the #3 online service, behind Compuserve & Prodigy at the time) using AOL’s proprietary “rainman” platform. [Continue]



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