Open Source + Buy + Build

JP is one of my favorite bloggers, he has the ability to gain insight into use of technology, and explain the problems, solutions and trends without getting technical. He rightly says that open source is an additional option today for building software solutions. Quite true, and this is something I have been pondering over for some time now in relation to my own process. [Continue]

Open Source Getting Boost

NASA scientists are planning to announce CosmosCode – an open source project to tap talent in the community. “CosmosCode is … allowing NASA scientists to begin a software project in the public domain, leveraging the true value of open-source software by creating an active community of volunteers,” said Cowan-Sharp, a NASA contractor. This is important because unlike in most of the cases, the benefit being perceived is that of the opening up the project to a wider talent. [Continue]

On Agile

JP has put up a nice perception of agile – The destination not the route: A sideways look at agile. He very rightly demonstrates situations when agile is and is not applicable. There were some recent views on agility, mostly affected by its tooling up or materializing. [Continue]



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