Benefits of GPL

As a fresh software engineer, I had always wished if we could do away with software licensing altogether. It was one way for me, as a software programmer, to avoid knowing and understanding the legal binding. The programming language is a lot better than the legal one any given day! [Continue]

Wikipedia Relicensing

Wikipedia is taking votes to decide on relicensing its content. In fact this applies to all Wikimedia Foundation sites, which have been currently licensed under GFDL, which was primarily intended for software documentation. If approved the content will be dual-licensed under CC-BY-SA along with GFDL. [Continue]

Qt Goes GPLv3

Trolltech has adopted GPLv3 for cross-platform open source application development toolkit Qt. It is important to note that this is an addition to its availability under GPLv2, meaning it will be available under both licenses. This indicates that even KDE might go GPLv3 in its further releases. [Continue]

GNU Affero GPL v3 Released

The Free Software Foundation has released the GNU Affero General Public License version 3 (AGPLv3). Now if you build a web service using a AGPLv3 licensed software then you have to make your source code available, including your contribution to the code. Earlier, this restriction applied only to the ones who distributed the software. [Continue]

Microsoft’s First Day In Open Source

Two of Microsoft’s licenses, Microsoft Public License and Microsoft Reciprocal License, were approved by the OSI. As Matt Assay says, this is the right way for Microsoft to enter the open source world. Microsoft has not been in the good books of the open source community, with the patent FUD and especially in the OOXML case. [Continue]



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