Business, Strategy And Designer

If you are thinking that designer is the odd man out, Luke Wroblewski will clear your doubt: Designer: “Design is the physical, or in this case digital, manifestation of your product strategy. Of course we could define your customers’ experience with ‘paint by number’. But I think you’d agree we should figure out what you want to say to your customers and why before we dive into how we’re going to say it.” Well, this is answer to a question, but provides the crux. [Continue]

Managing Edge Cases

Luke Wroblewski is running a series on managing edge cases (1, 2, 3, 4) by seeking input from various designers of systems, applications and devices. Edge cases are problems, scenarios or situations that occur when one of the factors get extreme. They do not occur in the normal environment and hence get easily hidden in the day-to-day testing. [Continue]

Usability Questions And Answers

Luke Wroblewski has documented some of the questions and his answers (Part 1 Part 2) on usability to them during the Usability 2.0 event. It is a good collection of the basics, fundamentals and thoughts on recent developments in simple and clear language. Take time to read through, I have found some things which can help me understand usability and incorporating usability in the design. [Continue]

IA Summit

Luke Wroblewski has been sincerely pointing too and jotting down the points from various IA Summit 2007 presentations and talks. It is of tremendous value, especially if you have not been in a position to attend it. Not only are the topics pretty interesting, they are quite relevant and answer some of the difficult questions. [Continue]

Luke On Selection-Dependent Inputs

Luke Wroblewski has a great article on the various approaches for selection-dependent inputs. He clarifies what he means by selection-dependent inputs right in the beginning: Selection-dependent inputs are, in essence, a pretty simple concept: Once a user initially makes a selection from one or more options in a form, the user must provide additional input related to the selected option before submitting the form. … It’s worth pointing out that, in most cases, users cannot submit a form with selection-dependent inputs until they fill in the additional fields. [Continue]

Consistently Different

Luke Wroblewski at Functioning Form discusses the most common and prevalent dilemma in software design – tension between consistency and content. Luke gives apt examples to show that same user interface can underperform when difference has to be illustrated to the user. However, consistency is something that is tightly integrated to usability, it is something that makes the application easier to use. [Continue]



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