Microformats Get Flexible With Value Class Pattern

Microformats has introduced a new pattern – the value-class pattern to tackle accessibility and localization problems. The value-class pattern lets you two things – break value of a microformat property into multiple sub-values, and mark specific relevant data using a special class name value. So, now you have multiple options to design your markup for datetime values and keep it accessible and machine readable, as Jeremy Keith illustrates.

Google Updates, To Support Microformats

Google has announced a few updates to its search engine during its Searchology event. Google will now support microformats and RDFa to show rich snippets from a web page. Considering that these technologies were developed to extract structured data from web pages, search engines should have adopted them long back, and in fact helped them grow. [Continue]

Why Is hAtom Not Popular?

Microformats give us a nice way of using special markup for special content. This makes it easier for us to reuse the web page to mine for that specific data. hAtom is one such microformat, which unfortunately implies that it gets ignored by the enterprisey and corporate culture, and it gets adopted and experimented in the open source one-man world. [Continue]



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