Is Microsoft Getting Insecure About Office?

Microsoft has posted a video of testimonials criticizing OpenOffice. I do believe that some users can have problems with OpenOffice because they think that it is a drop-in replacement for Microsoft Office, the same problem that has plagued Linux since its appearance. I use OpenOffice, as a different office suite with its own feature sets, like excellent support for ODF and one-click PDF export. [Continue]

Microsoft’s CodePlex Foundation

Microsoft has established CodePlex foundation – a non-profit foundation to promote open source. Unlike the previous open source attempts, this time Microsoft has explicitly talked about collaboration with other open source foundations and communities. I see this as first step by Microsoft to acknowledge good Windows open source work happening outside Microsoft. [Continue]

Already Seeing Worst Of Double Standards

We have already started to see the worst of living with more than one standard to do the exact same thing. Excel 2007 SP2’s ODF support has degraded, because it is no longer interoperable. Microsoft, a company, which values backward compatibility over anything else, does not worry about interoperability when implementing ODF support. [Continue]

IE8 Is Here

Microsoft IE8 is finally here, popular opinion is that it will find its users only amongst the existing IE users. IE8 is not trying to appeal to users of its competitors. However, I sincerely hope that it at least appeals to IE6 users enough to make it extinct soon. [Continue]



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