Open Source Benefits Of MySQL

The Oracle-Sun deal seems to be the new weapon in the hands of advocates of proprietary software. It was recently used in a presentation at a friend’s company, to prove that even the open source software was prone to lock-ins. The logic was that, just like proprietary products, MySQL‘s future was in danger because of its company. [Continue]

Using MySQL For Schema-less Data

Bret Taylor, one of the founders of FriendFeed, explains how they use MySQL to store schema-less data. It is an insightful post not only because he explains why they chose MySQL, but also the limitations of their schema-less design over an RDBMS. And more importantly it illustrates The importance of modeling your data, even if it is to realize that it has flexible schemas, without thinking of what tools you will use.

wp_comments Was Corrupted

In spite of using caching to improve performance of this blog, it was down today, but for a different reason. I kept getting the following error at the top of my all WordPress admin pages. [Got error 134 from storage engine] SELECT COUNT(comment_ID) FROM wp_comments WHERE comment_approved = ‘spam’ MySQL error code 134 means access to a record that was already deleted, which indicates that the table was corrupted. [Continue]



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