Already Seeing Worst Of Double Standards

We have already started to see the worst of living with more than one standard to do the exact same thing. Excel 2007 SP2’s ODF support has degraded, because it is no longer interoperable. Microsoft, a company, which values backward compatibility over anything else, does not worry about interoperability when implementing ODF support. [Continue]

MS Office To Support ODF

MS Office 2007 will have native support for ODF, meaning much more and beyond the import and export facilities. Microsoft’s OOXML has been already accepted has a standard, so this announcement seemed a little out of place, especially because ODF and PDF get support from Office before OOXML does. It is definitely good from an interoperability perspective, and it is commendable that Microsoft has started to think of path towards its interoperability promise. [Continue]

Document Freedom Day

26th March is Document Freedom Day. You can completely ignore it without getting harmed or abused or blamed for being indifferent. But if you know have ever faced a scenario when you could not open a document because did not have a specific office suite, knowing more about document liberation might be worth it. [Continue]

What Might Hurt ODF? And It Is Not Another Office Format

A while back the OpenDocument Foundation folded up, withdrawing its support for the ODF in favor of CDF. The reason for the switch is buried in the details of ODF community’s denial to be fully interoperable with Microsoft Office, which might have helped in migrating to ODF without affecting the processes. So, there was something bigger here playing it up. [Continue]

Open XML v/s ODF Or Microsoft v/s IBM

Apparently Microsoft has issued an open letter which blames IBM for opposing Open XML as a standard. For the uninitiated, OpenDocument Format (ODF) was led by the OpenOffice project which has considerable contributions from IBM and Open XML comes out of Office 2007 by Microsoft. I am learning lessons about how easily can we lose focus and corrupt discussions. [Continue]



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