OOXML Appeals Rejected

ISO and IEC have give the go ahead for OOXML to be published as a standard, refered to as ISO/IEC DIS 29500. There were some appeals against OOXML, however they have been rejected by the standards bodies. Andy Updegrove has the voting results and their intepretation. [Continue]

MS Office To Support ODF

MS Office 2007 will have native support for ODF, meaning much more and beyond the import and export facilities. Microsoft’s OOXML has been already accepted has a standard, so this announcement seemed a little out of place, especially because ODF and PDF get support from Office before OOXML does. It is definitely good from an interoperability perspective, and it is commendable that Microsoft has started to think of path towards its interoperability promise. [Continue]

Indian Denial To OOXML Continues

So India says no to OOXML, and as a software professional and I will say that I am happy. India has denied OOXML the nod earlier citing its technical incompetence. This time, interestingly, the three big software companies – TCS, Wipro and Infosys all supported OOXML. [Continue]

What Might Hurt ODF? And It Is Not Another Office Format

A while back the OpenDocument Foundation folded up, withdrawing its support for the ODF in favor of CDF. The reason for the switch is buried in the details of ODF community’s denial to be fully interoperable with Microsoft Office, which might have helped in migrating to ODF without affecting the processes. So, there was something bigger here playing it up. [Continue]

The Standardization Process For OOXML

If you have been wondering, like me, about the standardization process at ISO, Andy Updegrove answers the question. I have been following the developments, not because it is getting dramatic, but because this will truly affect an end user like me. Also, somewhere this will also give us an insight into the standards world and what does it really take to become a standard. [Continue]



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