Facebook Will Accept OpenID

OpenID just got one of its biggest promoters – Facebook. Facebook had joined the OpenID Foundation Board a while back. But unlike other OpenID supporters, Facebook accepts an OpenID to let its member use the site, by becoming a OpenID relying party. [Continue]

Facebook Opens Up, Joins OpenID

Looks like Facebook is pulling the walls down. Not only does it allow us to access our status, links and notes through its API, but it has joined the OpenID Foundation board. Although it is an encouraging news, contradicting actions by Facebook have helped only create confusion about its intentions. [Continue]

OpenID With Hardware Authentication

TrustBearer Labs has come up with an OpenID service that leverages authentication devices (via Slashdot) like smart cards, USB tokens and fingerprint biometrics. You can start using the service if you have one of their supported devices. Though I am not sure if hardware authentication will be popular, this service demonstrates a different way in which OpenID can be implemented. [Continue]

OpenID 2.0 Is Here

After what seemed like a never-ending debate, OpenID 2.0 is finally ready. The OpenID Authentication 2.0 and OpenID Attribute Exchange 1.0 specifications were approved through extensive community participation. The attribute exchange specification is something that can bring in convenience for the users and perhaps expand OpenID adoption. [Continue]



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