Software Patents And Open Source

Patents are once again in the focus, courtesy Apple’s suit on HTC. There is a lot of talk about right and wrong, and this time even the Apple fans seem to dislike Apple’s step. I think John Gruber has it right when he says that ,this is not about patents, but about poaching the idea – the grand revolution of the mobile phone. [Continue]


The string in the title should search for the phrase “weird patent” in the a9.com search engine. Apparently, the Amazon subsidiary was awarded this patent. To be more precise, no one else can now support inclusion of unformatted search string after domain name portion of URL, without permission from Amazon. [Continue]

Linux Foundation To Fight Against Patent Deals

The Linux Foundation members are getting together to fight against the series of patent deals being carried out by Microsoft. First Novell, then Xandros and more recently Linspire have done agreements with Microsoft. It is good that Microsoft is seeking collaboration with Linux vendors, but the underlying reason always seems to be protection from patents that Microsoft claims are infringed by Linux. [Continue]



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