Google Updates, To Support Microformats

Google has announced a few updates to its search engine during its Searchology event. Google will now support microformats and RDFa to show rich snippets from a web page. Considering that these technologies were developed to extract structured data from web pages, search engines should have adopted them long back, and in fact helped them grow. [Continue]

Semantic Ads?

Google is taking us towards semantic search. Though right now it improves only the related searches, the aim is to move beyond keywords and understand meaning of a question. While semantic search is an ongoing development, I cannot help but wonder if this will also bring improvements to the advertising world. [Continue]

Searching The Meta-Content

While thinking of search strategies for a web application, I realized that a lot of queries can be handled by searching the meta-content instead of the content itself. By meta-content, I mean content about content, e.g., classification, tags, title, intro or authors of an article. Especially in the case I was looking at the meta-content was rich enough to accurately answer a lot of search queries. [Continue]

Zend Brings Lucene To PHP

Apache Lucene can be said to be one of the strong applications that can draw you towards Java land. Either you choose Java for your work or you end up writing a Java layer to make use of that. There are many applications which are not very good at search, and it is mainly because efficient fulltext search engines are not easily available. [Continue]

What Is Google Doing With Votes?

Google, which is all about unique algorithms, page ranks and huge data centres, has started experimenting with using humans, that is you and me to vote for search results. At least that is what it seems as. This experiment lets you influence your search experience by adding, moving, and removing search results. [Continue]


The string in the title should search for the phrase “weird patent” in the a9.com search engine. Apparently, the Amazon subsidiary was awarded this patent. To be more precise, no one else can now support inclusion of unformatted search string after domain name portion of URL, without permission from Amazon. [Continue]



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