Facebook And Google Finally Share Something

Social networks think that the members’ data is what differentiates them from other social networks. The data using which they draw social graphs or find contexts for advertising is gold and there is no way that can be shared. While there was a small project called DataPortability.org aimed at making data portable and networks interoperable, social network members used unusual ways of extracting their own data. [Continue]

Proposals For Social Network Interoperability

Apparently, it is not only the invisible ones like me who want to make social networks interoperable. Brad Fitzpatrick, of OpenID fame, has put a proposal for social network interoperability by developing and maintaining the social network graph as a community asset. The graph will act as public information about relationships a person has, which could be read by social networking applications when you login with them. [Continue]

Opening Up Social Networks

Scott Gilbertson says it is time to open up the social networks. Which he suggests by means of open platforms that can enable you to take your data with you. I think it should be more than that, not only an open platform, there should be an open protocol so that you can befriend Joe from another social network. [Continue]



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