Normally a company’s programming and stock market worlds are not directly related, at times even worlds apart. But Sun Microsystems is about to change that. The stock market ID SUNW, which means Standford University Network Workstation, will be changed to JAVA. [Continue]

More Open Source From Sun

Sun Microsystems seems to be getting more involved with open source – the Programming Language Research group has open sourced one more programming language. Fortress is a modern language, without any carryovers syntax legacy or features. By open sourcing it Sun hopes to rope in researchers, academicians and participants from the industry to coevolve the language. [Continue]

Boundaries For Open Source Concept?

Being a technical person at core, it has always been difficult, if not extremely difficult, to justify the open source movement to a business. In fact, in specific cases it is easier to provide numbers instead of vouching for the open source concept. More because businesses require the extrapolated data after the open source effect. [Continue]



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