Mullet Style

This blog now has mullet style design for the homepage. Well, not exactly, but bigger excerpt (instead of entire content) is displayed for two most recent posts and rest have a shorter excerpt. This is true only for the homepage, not for other archives. [Continue]

Merging Blogs

I had started a separate blog – code::gallery dedicated to my love for coding. I wanted to keep this blog for an higher perspective of the software development field, without getting into the implementation, hence a separate blog. I had started it on the blogsome.com service so that I could get the benefits of WordPress and get to create my own theme there. [Continue]

What I Know

This is a little late, but here it is, as a part of the blogging challenge set by Lorelle. In my case it is very simple to answer this question – software. This is my area of work, expertise and passion, and I feel most confident blogging about it. [Continue]

I Am Now A SOB!

Don’t frown, it is not the offensive abbreviation, it means Successful and Outstanding Blogs. Thanks Liz, for adding my blog to the SOB list and from now on I will be displaying the SOB badge on this blog. So let me elaborate a bit on what is a SOB. [Continue]

What’s On Your Blogshelf?

Admittedly, my paper reading has reduced quite a bit since I have started reading weblogs and online forums. There are no regrets, the blogs have provided the niche information which sometimes even books miss out on. In fact, nowadays, I come to know about books through my reading of blogs. [Continue]



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