The Indian Supreme Court Adopts Ubuntu 10.04

The Indian Supreme Court has asked about 17,000 courts to move from Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 to Ubuntu 10.04 LTS. This will be a big boost for Ubuntu. The E Committee has gone one step ahead and published helpful resources for adopting Ubuntu: Guidelines for Ubuntu deployment (pdf) 25 salient features of Ubuntu (pdf) Ubuntu Linux Installation and Features video, and A free SMS channel for Ubuntu tips and information (pdf) I admire that E-Committee has provided such information proactively. [Continue]

A Xubuntu User Again

Till now I was a loyal Arch Linux user. And before that I was an avid Kubuntu, another one from Ubuntu family, user. It might seem as if I am back to square one, but in fact I have learned a lot about the organization of a Linux distribution, and interaction between various components. [Continue]

Brainstorm With Ubuntu

Ubuntu does a Dell, and wants you to brainstorm (via Slashdot)with it on what features you want in it. It is a good idea, but to be really effective it has to attract people who are not being heard, or who are not on Linux, or who feel that Ubuntu is too geeky to be used. Otherwise it will have votes from the same old already-vocal slashdotters, diggers and the existing geeks. [Continue]

Dell Keeps Up The Promise

Dell has launched Linux computers for the average consumer, as promised. They sport the latest Ubuntu 7.04 or Feisty Fawn version. My feeling is that they will sell fast and sell good, because The feature request, if you will, has come directly from the users Many Dell users buy the Dell machines and wipe off Windows with their Linux distributions. [Continue]



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