Pondering Over URL Shortening

The Web has been busy trying to find a way out of URL shortner services. Kellan Elliott-McCrea has worked out a solution which lets the publisher gain control over the shortening. I think using rev to indicate the shortened version might get confusing, but it is also true that it seems to offer the best balance in the current situation. [Continue]

Questions On URL Design

I have been steadily gaining knowledge and confidence with REST and the philosophy behind it. With resource as the protagonist, URL design is an important activity. Typically, well designed URLs convey more than location of a resource. [Continue]

Strings Or Numbers?

Bill Venners comments on David Heinemeier Hansson’s justification for using integers in URLs instead of semantic strings in Ruby On Rails. As an example, if you look at the URL of the Help of this blog, it is http://ifacethoughts.net/help. As against this, using integers would give you http://ifacethoughts.net/564 where 564 is the database ID of the page for help. [Continue]

Linking 2.0

Tim Bray wants to introduce indirection for links. It may sound complicated and unnecessary, but in fact it can something quite relevant. He brings up the point of depending on a single web site for referencing, like Wikipedia, creating a single point of failure. [Continue]

Problem With URIs

Anthony Cowley explains his fear of URIs. URIs aka URLs are ways of addressing resources on the Web. And URIs are used to use other resources on the Net, which creates a dependency not only on the resource but also on the technology involved. [Continue]



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