Learning Power Tools

If you are thinking of learning a power tool, listen to Drew Neil’s advice. The article focuses on vim in comparison with other text editors, but this advice is applicable to all power tools. A typical quality of power tools is the difficult learning curve. [Continue]

Single Instance vim

If you keep going back to the shell to find and open files, every (g)vim command will open a new instance. You can tell vim to use an existing instance using its command server functionality. Replace vim with gvim for all the commands if you use the graphical interface. [Continue]

Task Management Plugin for vim

Finally, I have converted my hacky task management script for vim into a plugin. It is still not polished, but the code is available at github and the plugin is functional. I have added file type recognition and functionality for pending tasks using vim’s internal grep command. [Continue]

vi – The Interface

Most of us know about the most popular clone of vi – vim. Here are some more editors that are either vi clones or support emulations: bvi – binary text editor Yi – text editor written in Haskell with both vim and emacs goodness Kate – The vi input mode jVi – a clone which is also a plugin for NetBeans nvi – a clone distributed with BSD viper – vi emulation on top of Emacs jsvi However, vi has also inspired applications/plugins of completely different classes. Here are some examples: bash – a Unix shell has vi mode vimperator – an addon for Firefox, a Web browser, to make it behave like vim vimperopera – vimperator for Opera, another Web browser viemu – vi/vim emulator for Visual Studio, Word, Outlook and SQL Server vifm – ncurses based file manager with vi like key-bindings xzgv – image viewer mutt – text based email client apvlv – a PDF reader that behaves like vim xmonad – a tiling window manager with some vim-like key-bindings Google Reader – web based feed reader, and Gmail – a web based mail client, both borrow from vim key bindings No wonder I thought of using the familiar interface while designing an application. [Continue]

Customizing vim For Dojo

Matthew Russell has extended vim to make it easier work with Dojo (Dion Almaer). vim is an extremely flexible editor and this is a good example of how you can extend and customize it for your purpose. I use vim for almost all my tasks, including my personal wiki and task management. [Continue]

Bash Editing In vi Mode

I was discussing about how some applications have adopted some of the vi key bindings. Like Google Reader, some tiling window managers like xmonad, and even bash has excellent support for editing in vi mode. Surprisingly not many know about this. [Continue]



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