After a lot of time there has been a development which tries to improve on the original purpose of Web. Hyperscope is an implementation of Open Hyperdocument System (OHS), vision of the legendary Doug Engelbart. OHS aims at bridging together the different knowledge tools with common capabilities in an interoperable way. [Continue]

Browsered or Webified Applications

Ebrahim Ezzy has an interesting post over on Read/Write Web on Webified Desktop Apps vs Browser-based Apps. He is of the opinion that the desktop applications will rule for a long time to come, but not without using the Web. The only good point with Browsered – Compatibility Let me first come up with the only good point I see in the Web. [Continue]

Let Your Readers Listen To You

The purpose of using CSS to design web pages is to separate style from the content. This enables delivering the same content in multiple formats, through multiple media. CSS does go all the way to support different media and this is illustrated by a lot of web sites today by using different styles for the print and screen media. [Continue]



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