Wikipedia Relicensing

Wikipedia is taking votes to decide on relicensing its content. In fact this applies to all Wikimedia Foundation sites, which have been currently licensed under GFDL, which was primarily intended for software documentation. If approved the content will be dual-licensed under CC-BY-SA along with GFDL. [Continue]

Experiment With Wikipedia

I found this experiment with Wikipedia that Krishna did and documented. It is not something new, there have been previous experiments, but I liked his take on it. The experiment he did was to make two changes, one factual and the other more theoretical. [Continue]

Wikiasari – Another Crowdsourcing Experiment

Jimmy Wales – the man behind one of the biggest crowdsourcing experiments – now wants to extend it to search (via TechCrunch). Mr Wales aims to exploit the same network of followers and the same type of free software to create his search engine. “Essentially, if you consider one of the basic tasks of a search engine, it is to make a decision: ‘this page is good, this page sucks’,” Mr Wales said. [Continue]



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