Microsoft Can Start With Open Source For Smaller Elements

Charles Babcock has a long article about why Microsoft has no alternative but to make Windows open source to compete with Linux and the likes. However, going open source will require a huge shift in Microsoft’s approach, strategies and its business plan. The current approach, whether it is about OS editions or application upgrades, is so woven around licenses and restrictions that currently it is the exact opposite of the open source model. [Continue]

Testing Windows With Linux Eyes

We have read many accounts of how Windows users were disappointed by Linux. The EasyGeek is turning the tables this time. While as a Linux fan it is quite entertaining to read it, the biggest fact to accept is that both of them are different. [Continue]

Linux Is Different, Enjoy The Difference

Most of the times when I see disappointment from people after trying Linux, the cause turns out to be their expectation that the distribution is a clone of Windows. This is what I felt when I read Walt Mossberg’s Ubuntu review. Of course there are distributions that make your life easier, but there is a difference in the core, that cannot be hidden by makeovers. [Continue]

Registry A Mistake

Jeff Atwood explains why Windows registry is a bad idea and recommends Vista’s scheme of storing application specific data. The biggest hurdle for application developers to implement this will be backward compatibility with pre-Vista versions. They might have to have two configuration scheme implementations to do so, which I think will be avoided. [Continue]



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