Indian Railways On Wi-Fi Track

I have been jealous of those of you who have been surfing on planes or in gardens. Of course there are malls and cafes here in India where this is possible, and there are even talks about WiMaxing the cities, but I miss it the most when I am traveling. Apparently someone in India is thinking about it, as they plan to introduce Net access on a couple of trains and at about 50 stations. [Continue]

Mobiles Get More Popular In India

The Wall Street Journal reports that India has added 67 million more mobile users in the last financial year (login required). This is just a continuation of the trend that India has witnessed – the combination of mobility, low cost hardware and clever subscription plans has appealed to the common man. I know a lot of people who have not taken a landline connection and heavily rely on their mobiles for all communication. [Continue]

Wireless Trouble With Open Source

Jem Matzan does a detailed report on the cause behind the wireless problems in the open source operating systems (via Om Malik). He does a roundup of the big names in the wireless chips manufacturing industry and pins the blame on the proprietary firmware that usually comes with a lot of restrictions for redistribution. Firmwares work across all the operating systems through corresponding drivers. [Continue]



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