Xfce’s Approach

I am more than a little late in linking to this, but it is worth archiving. Nick Shermer’s interview tells you a lot about the team’s approach towards Xfce. I think that is how it hits the right balance.

Xfce 4.10 Now Available

It has some great changes – better application finder, tiling support and better window layout for Thunar. Give it a try. You will love it because it sits pretty, lets you do what you want to do by staying out of the limelight, lets you customize anything and everything, and does not hog your resources. [Continue]

Panel-free Desktop

One of the features I love in XFCE is to use the desktop to hold minimized applications. I use shortcuts or dmenu to launch my applications, so the launchers on desktop are waste of a feature. This, along with the right-click menu and conky has helped me avoid the panels altogether. [Continue]

Cursor Shape In XFCE Terminal

I prefer ibeam cursors to the block ones, I find them less obtrusive. However, I could not find an option to modify the cursor shape in the XFCE terminal preferences; until I looked under the hood. In ~/.config/Terminal/terminalrc the value of MiscCursorShape is set to TERMINAL_CURSOR_SHAPE_BLOCK by default. [Continue]

New Year, New Setup

A Very Happy New Year to you! And an exciting start for me, as I have given up my XFCE setup. XFCE is still the best desktop environment, but I want to move away from the idea of desktop environment to try out some things. [Continue]

On Desktops

I said earlier that I did not like the direction in which KDE 4.0 was going in. But the underlying cause can be perhaps found in Havoc Pennington’s post. GNOME 2.0 and KDE 4 are bad models for change. [Continue]

Trying Out XFCE

I have been a KDE loyal for quite some years now. I had first taken to it on Solaris, and since then nothing else has worked for me. However, now I am trying out XFCE for some reasons. [Continue]



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